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Biometric Fingerprint Visitor Management System

Biometric Fingerprint Visitor Management System has taken the Visitor Management to the next level with added security of fingerprint identification. For any organisation it’s very important to keep a track on the visitors and ensure that proper identification needs to be recorded for future purpose. The old method of registering the visitor using a visitor register makes company vulnerable to security breach. Other advance visitor management system also lacks with proper detailing to track the visitor as required and have the required data available.

For an organisation where numbers of visitors are big and security is a priority, it’s very important to have a proper visitor management system in place to identify the visitor properly, takes less time to prepare the visitor pass and track the movement of visitor accurately.

A Biometric Fingerprint Visitor Management System provides the ease of using the system where visitors are getting registered with their fingerprint, which is being considered as one of the best identity proof, and the data related to the visitor gets liked with the respective fingerprint. It helps the receptionist to identify the regular visitors immediately just by verifying the visitors fingerprint and have the related data available immediately. It avoids entering the same data again and again and a visitor pass for a regular visitor can be issued immediately.

A Biometric Fingerprint Visitor Management System consists of a PC connected with an USB Fingerprint Scanner and a Web Camera. The system will have field for visitor’s details with proper ID Proof, Fingerprint and Photograph. Once registered, a visitor pass can be printed. An optional barcode scanner can also be added with the system so that it can read the barcode printed on the visitor pass at the time of visitor’s exit to have the exit time with the system. This will provide the data for how many hours a particular visitor was there in the premise.

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This is the first level of system to ensure the proper identity of the visitor by taking fingerprint, and relating the visitor’s data with the fingerprint for the ease of using the system. The next levels of security provided by different visitor management system is by integrating it with access control system as well and provide access to the visitor to a particular area only. Also if the visitor needs to go to a particular meeting room, it can be allotted in advance and access can be provided. As these days mostly biometric fingerprint access control is getting implemented, visitors fingerprint data can be easily transferred to particular device where he can have access.

There are different innovative concepts coming for visitor management system where intimation goes automatically to the person visitor has come to meet, and he approves online and allow the visitor to come inside. But the introduction of Biometric Fingerprint Registration and Verification has provided the much required security to the organisation and ease of identity management for the visitors. Biometric Visitor Management System integrated with Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System is what makes the organisation really secure from unwanted visitors and can stop any kind of security breach.


3 thoughts on “Visitor Management

  1. Jorge Luis Mendoza Vidal says:

    I’m going to need a quotation to implement visitors registration system in a Nestlé factory in Mexico, please consider the smallest system capable for expansion, since it’ll be for a green field construction site, up to plant is going to start operations.

    I need also a database to be located on a server able to allow access on doors inside factory, equipped with biometrics reader.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Alayande adeniyi says:

    We are intrested in your visitor management system.our company we like to be your reseller in nigeria or if you have one in nigeria you links us.Thanks.

    1. Please send your request to – contact@fingerprintsscanner.com with your company details.

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