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Biometric Visitor Management System

Fingerprint Based Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System with an organisation is as important as employees Time Attendance.  We offer complete automated Visitor Management System which can be used with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for more automation and security.

Current scenario: Manual Visitor Management

  1. Visitors scribbling on notebook at entry and exit.
  2. Visitor passes without visitor details.
  3. No check on visitor entry/exit.
  4. Data reliability issues.
  5. No MIS.
  6. Audit concerns.
  7. Security Concerns.
  8. Management concerns in case of emergency.

Proposed process: Automation by Visitor Management System, either Biometric or general.

  1. Complete automated system for managing visitors.
  2. Professional manner of welcoming visitors.
  3. No paper work.
  4. Customized Visitor Pass with visitor photo and details.
  5. MIS on button click.
  6. Audit compliant.

Functional Benefits of Visitor Management System

  1. Pre-Requisition module for employee/officers
  2. Visitor Tracking
  3. Contractor management solution
  4. User Defined Gate Pass
  5. Blacklisting Employees
  6. Notification of Visitor’s arrival using Pop up/SMS/Email
  7. MIS
Visitor Management System Architechture

Visitor Management System Architechture

Visitor Management System Suitable for both types of Visitors

  1. Unscheduled Visitors
  2. Scheduled Visitors

Unscheduled Visitors – Where appointment taken at reception. When confirmed by the concerned person, details with Photograph and Fingerprint Taken to generate the Visitor Pass. After meeting exit details recorded.

Scheduled Visitors – Where visitors come with a pre-generated appointment number and once confirmed by the concerned person visitor pass get printed.

Different Modules with Visitor Management Software

Biometric Visitor Management System

Meeting Room Booking

Fingerprint Visitor Management System

Pre-requisite Module

Email and Mobile Integration: With this feature, email or popup being sent to the concerned person to whom visitor has come to meet. SMS Alert on mobile can also be generated for further confirmation.

Kiosk Based Visitor Management System – With a Kiosk Based System the visitor can put his appointment number and provide him photograph and thumb print to get the visitor pass generated.


Visitor Management System Pass

Gate Pass


Pass Personaliser

Pass Personaliser


Visitor Management Reports Visitor Management Reports


Visitor Management System

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