VIRDI is the award-winning brand of a range of integrated Biometric, RFID and Mifare terminals designed and manufactured in Korea by UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd. The VIRDI range comprises of a variety of technology and solutions for the following applications
•Access / Time & Attendance Terminals
•Access Control, Biometric Template and Device Management Software
•Time & Attendance Software
•Integrated CCTV Monitoring and NVR
•Meal Management Software

Security & Convenience
VIRDI terminals and applications can truly claim to be secure and convenient. With standard features such as, Live & Fake fingerprint detection technology and similar fingerprint checking, the opportunity for “Users” to spoof the terminals or load ghost employees is eliminated. The internationally recognized and patented fingerprint algorithm, enables the enrolling of very difficult to read fingerprints, while ensuring the lowest possible false accept rate. The algorithm has an extremely fast and robust search engine with the capacity to identify as 1:N (one to many).


Virdi AC-7000AC-7000 Dual Card Reader – High Performance Multimodal Termial


  • Face Detection and Identification
    – Auto Tilt Camera
  • Live & Fake Finger Detection
  • FBI PIV Certified Scanner
    – 21mm(W) x 21mm(H) Sensor Platen Area
  • 5” Touch Color LCD
    – Enhanced Touch Sensitivity
  • Large Memory Capacity
    – 250,000 Users
    – 250,000 Cards
    – 250,000 Fingers (1:1) / 25,000 Fingers (1:N)
    – 10,000 Faces (1:1) / 2,000 Faces (1:N)
    – 10,000,000 Logs / 20,000 Image Logs
  • Dual Card Reader Support
    (125Khz Prox & 13.56Mhz Mifare)
  • TCP/IP, Wi-Fi (Optional), Wiegand, RS-485, RS-232



  • Fake Finger Detection
    New patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints (paper, film, silicone and rubber)
  • Wi-Fi
    Reduces the installation time and cost with Wi-Fi
  • IP65
    IP65 level of Dustproof / Waterproof structure
  • Smartphone Application(i-UNIS)
    Access control + Time management application by Android and Apple OS
  • Digital Camera
    Records a digital image of each user at the time of the transaction



Virdi AC-6000AC-6000


  • Fake Finger Detection
    New patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints(paper, film, silicone and rubber)
  • Wi-Fi(Optional)
    Reduces the installation time and cost with Wi-Fi
  • Proximity Sensor
    Recognizes the approach of a user and automatically turns on the LCD and keypad. Reduces power consumption.
  • 4.8” Color TFT Touch Screen
    Intuitive UI , simplifies operation
    Customizable LCD background & icons
  • Digital Camera
    Records a digital image of each user at the time of transaction. (Optional Face Detection)
  • USB Memory
    Transfers configuration settings, images, firmware and transaction logs using a USB Memory Stick.
  • Face Detection
    Powerful Double Security
    In case a card is stolen, the trespasser’s facial image is captured

Virdi AC-5000AC-5000


  • Fake Finger Detection
    New patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints(paper, film, silicone and rubber)
  • IP65
    IP65 level of Dustproof / Waterproof structure
  • Multi-Languages
    Global & Individual Message Broadcast
  • 2.8” Color TFT LCD
    Intuitive UI , simplifies operation
    Customizable LCD background & icons
  • Easy Installation
    PoE, Terminal Connectors, Slim Vertical Design
  • PoE
    Power over Ethernet

Virdi - AC4000AC-4000


  • Fake Finger Detection
    New patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints(paper, film, silicone and rubber)
  • Door Phone
    Door phone interface for visitor management
  • Proximity Sensor
    Recognizes the approach of a user and automatically turns on the LCD and keypad. Reduces power consumption


Virdi - AC2100Features

  • Fake Finger Detection
    New patented optical sensor and algorithm detects fake fingerprints(paper, film, silicone and rubber)
  • IPX3
    IPX3 level of Dustproof / Waterproof structure
  • Local Anti-passback
    Supporting anti-passback function with a slave reader(SR-100FP)
  • USB
    Download Users & Logs via USB







  • Card and Key Tag
    Convenient user verification using cards
  • Network Interface
    TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS485, RS232
  • Authentication
    Supports complex authentication using RF Card, and/or ID/Password for greater safety.


USB Fingerprint Reader
Patented Live Finger Detection
NIST Certified Template Format
Platen Area : 16 x 19.6 mm
Sensing Area : 15 x 17 mm
Card : 125kHz EM /
13.56MHz Mifare card reader embedded

Patented Live & Fake Finger Detection Technology

What is a Fake Fingerprint?
– It is an artificial fingerprint made from silicone, rubber, paper, gel, or film which is used to defeat common biometric readers.

Alternative Fingerprint, Terminal Manufacturers Weakness
– Most biometric sensors can be defeated using a variety of commonly known methods. This renders most biometric technology useless as the level of security does not protect businesses from the financial loss through fraudulent clockings, nor does it provide the level of security required
by government, airport, military and commercial organizations.

VIRDI Fingerprint Sensors
– UNIONCOMMUNITY’s patented optical fingerprint sensor incorporates both LIVE and FAKE finger detection using a combination of the technologies below.

Human Capacitance Sensor
Detects and measures the electrostatic capacitance of the finger placed on the surface of the optical sensor

Infrared Light
Beams an infrared light into the finger placed on the scanner and measures the frequency of reflection to identify the chemical composition.

Analyzes the distortion of the image and minutia.

  • Live and Fake Fingerprint Detection Technology :
    Four separate technologies and methods are employed to ensure the terminals do not scan and identify fake fingerprints made of paper, plastic, rubber, silicone, gelatin etc.
  • Fingerprint Algorithm :
    Internationally and independently recognized by FVC On-going as having algorithm that has been top ranked for 3 consecutive years. This algorithm ensures system integrity and an exceptionally high enrolment rate.
  • Automatic Finger Scan :
    Detects the presence of a “Live” finger on the scanner and starts the scanning process automatically with the result that the scanning process is quick and less power is consumed.
  • Patented Search Algorithm :
    Incredibly fast and accurate template matching algorithm will complete a 1:1 match in less than .5 of a second, and a 1:N match for up to 10,000 users in less than 1 second. (Device dependent)
  • Registration & Authentication levels set by User :
    Each user can be enrolled and thereafter verified using custom registration and verification levels which can be individually adjusted to compensate for difficult-to-read fingerprints.
  • Similar Fingerprint Check & Number of Enrolled Fingers set by User :
    Each user can have between 1 and 10 fingerprint templates stored on the biometric terminal. Additionally the application database can accommodate the enrolment of up to 10 fingers and can be set to check for similar fingerprints in the database.
  • Transaction Methods set by User :
    Each user can have their transaction methods individually assigned, i.e. Finger only, Pin + Finger, Card or Finger etc. There are 10 combinations.
  • Templates Stored in Terminal Memory and/or on the Server :
    Improve performance and reduce housekeeping by identifying local users on the terminal and verify visitors and global users on the server
  • Push Technology :
    In order to minimize network traffic and provide a “real-time” update of transactions, the deivces will “Push” their transactions t
    o the server as they occur. While templates are being sent to the Virdi devices, users can continue to transact.
  • On Board Intelligence :
    Intelligent terminals process instructions without the presence of a Server
  • Optical Sensor (Patented) :
    Patented sensor with a very low level of distortion and a hardened surface, ideal for harsh environments.
  • Interfaces :
    TCP/IP terminal communications, customizable Wiegand IN & OUT, RS 232 & RS 485 card reader interface, NO/NC relay and managed I/O ports.


138-050 4-6F, Hyundai Topics bldg., 44-3, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 138-050, Korea
Tel 82.2.6488.3062 Fax 82.2.6488.3097 E-mail sales@virditech.com Url www.virditech.com



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  1. I want a price quote for a biometric fingerprint scanner for access

  2. Girish says:

    I am looking for Virdi AC7000, into my business, please let me know from where to buy the best price in india office. Monthly requirement is upto 10 devices. Please provide me the best pricing also intresed for delear ship in future.

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    1. Inquiring Virdi AC7000, How much is the cost 1 unit?
      Please quote.

  3. Alain says:

    good day!

    please I would like to know if there is any of the virdi product that can take a sim cart ?
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    thanks can wait to here from you


  4. Dear Sir we are Basaffar technology company in Saudi Arabia and we are planing for our Basaffar eye center in jeddah we need complete finger print and door access control system as we have basaffar technology we need to buy system from you directly .



  5. Albertina says:

    Good morning!

    can u please help me with the FOH02, I’m using UCBioBSP SDK
    Sample Code for Verification Process comparing
    the template stored in the database (MYSQL ) in bytes and
    the fingerprint that I just scanned

    thank you for your consideration.

  6. tayyab says:

    hi , i have virdi ac5000 device . what is the range on 13mhz cards and how can we increase this range if required.

  7. SC Sharma says:

    We have installed Virdi 3000 Finger Print Scanner installed in our building or controlling entry and exit. Could you suggest some repair agency to get these machines repaired. what is the cost of New machine

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