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Time Attendance is an important part of any organisation, either big or small. Every minute of an employee count and its equivalent to money for an organisation. Employees coming late and leaving early is a direct loss to the company in terms of money and business and keeping a check on it becomes important.

Earlier there were no other option but to manage a register where employees were signing with their IN and OUT time. Having correct time attendance was based on how honest the employee is or how careful the receptionist is in checking the correct timing getting mentioned by an employee.

Issue of mismanagement with manual process and cases of Proxy Punching becomes the requirement of an electronic system which can check these issue. A Card Based Time Attendance System got introduced as solution for these issue where employees were carrying a card and the system was recording the time attendance once the card got punched with the system. It helped in recording the correct time but the issue of proxy punching persists. Any one can punch any body’s card. Card was transferable, can be stolen and misused.

Than came the Biometric Solution. Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System. Employees were getting registered with their fingerprint and can mark their attendance if an only if present physically. Fingerprint can not be transferred, lost or stolen, helped in checking Proxy Punching completely. It also save the cost of card and became a boon for companies who were facing irregularities with attendance with their organisation. With big organisations, its practically impossible to keep a tab on each and every employees, and its very important to manage employees and workers to have desired output. Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System has helped these organisations in managing their manpower efficiently and have the desired result.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System is not getting useful only with corporates, but government organisations, hospitals, school and colleges are also implementing it to have its benefit. With the emergence of different cost effective biometric fingerprint machines, even small shops and housing societies are implementing it and utilising the time of their employees efficiently without direct interference.


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