Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Products

USB Desktop Fingerprint Reader – This is the most famous and popular fingerprint scanner available. It’s getting used for PC Login and different other PC Based applications; it’s compact and plug and play device. There are different shapes and sizes available from different manufacturer. Nitgen, Secugen, Suprema and Digital Persona are few manufactures whose single fingerprint scanners are very popular under this category.

There are different other categories available under USB Desktop Fingerprint Reader – Dual Fingerprint Scanner, Ten Fingerprint Scanner, Roll Fingerprint Scanner, Slap Scanner, Palm Scanner. There are different uses for these scanners, like Ten Fingerprint Scanners are getting used for National ID Project across the world; Palm Scanners are getting used for Digital Passports. Companies like Cogent, Morpho and Suprema are leading companies manufacturing Dual, Ten and Slap Fingerprint Scanners.

Desktop Fingerprint Readers can work with different third party applications like PC Based Attendance System, Visitor Management System, and Canteen Management System. These readers are also very popular with banking applications where different banks are using it for logical access control to access different important applications.

Standalone Fingerprint Reader – Standalone Fingerprint Reader are majorly getting used for Time Attendance and Access Control Applications, for Access Control the only extra feature required is connectivity to the lock. These readers are storing the fingerprint in itself and matching fingerprint with the device itself for identification and verification. For Time Attendance it’s recording the IN and OUT punches for report generation and for Access Control, its triggering the lock. There are Standalone TCP/IP Devices which can be connected into a network and data can be kept centrally at the server. USB, GPRS, WiFi are few new features getting added with standalone fingerprint readers for transferring the data in convenient way. Wiegand Fingerprint Readers are also available working with different controllers, it communicates with the controller via wiegand connectivity and popular with enterprise customers for big installations.

Standalone Fingerprint Reader works with different Time Attendance and Access Control applications to make it a complete working solution.

Fingerprint Door Lock – Biometric Fingerprint Scanner inbuilt Door Lock is a complete product itself and can be installed with any door for secure Biometric Fingerprint Access to the home or office. These kinds of locks are suitable where data is not required and the only purpose it to provide access to the authorised person. It’s more popular with Hotels and Individual Homes.

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