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PC Security or Data Security with companies working on critical data is very important. As securing the PC using password is vulnerable to data theft as password can be hacked, shared and companies will be compromising on their critical data.

Securing the PC using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is an ideal way to secure the data available with the PC. As fingerprint can not be stolen or shared, only the person authorised with fingerprint can have access to a particular PC.

An USB Fingerprint Scanner is very similar to a PC Mouse where it got connected through USB and can be used like a mouse. Biometric Fingerprint Mouse where fingerprint scanner is inbuilt with the Mouse itself are also available so that multiple USB port should not get occupied. A basic application needs to be installed for registering and verifying the user and you are ready to login with your PC using your fingerprint.

PC Security using Fingerprint Login is a basic application and the advance application termed as Single Sign On can be used for logging to any application, website and encrypting any file/folder using your fingerprint for higher security. It uses the active directory.

Following video from Fingertec describing their solution will help you in understanding it in a better way.


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