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NITGEN, the world leading company in the Biometrics market, offers advanced Fingerprint Solution for our customers’ utmost satisfaction. We are the certified experts in providing Total Biometric Solution for Access Control, Time Attendance, PC Security Solution.

With our Award-winning products from Fingerprint modules, PC-peripherals and live scanners to Access control systems, our customers can manage their precious time and personal resources most effectively. Having established relationships with more than 100 countries, NITGEN is a proven partner capable of accelerating mutual growth.

The quality of NITGEN products is attested by the international prizes and certifications awarded to our original Fingerprint Recognition Technology. NITGEN’s main product lines include hardware application products of household door locks, Access control systems, PC security solution with various types of SDK for hardware developers.

Business Areas
Module : Fingerprint Optic sensor with processing board
SI : Access Control and Attendance management system, ID Management system
Product Sales : Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance System, Fingerprint USB Scanner
Solution : Fingerprint Authentication & De-duplication Server, PC Security Solution

What we offer
Physical Access Control & Time Attendance System
– Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) 1st algorithm
– Multimodal Authentication
– Centralized Biometric management on IP Technology

Nitgen Standalone Fingerprint Products





Logical access control

– Plug and play
– FVC 1st algorithm, ISO compliant
– Windows/Linux/Java/Android support

Nitgen Desktop Fingerprint Products




ID management

– Large fingerprint input window
– FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix-F certified
– A wide range of applications: e-Passport, e-Stamp, National ID, Immigration, Criminal investigation.

Nitgen Live Fingerprint Products





Contact us

Tel: +82-2-6488-3205
Fax: +82-2-6488-3096
Email: sales@nitgen.com

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  1. price quote for T series and fingkey series bio readers
    and how long it takes for the item to reach gaborone

  2. Mahmoud Ali says:


    Can you kindly provide me with quote for T series and finger key also advice the lead time?

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