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DERMALOG Identification Systems, Germany

DERMALOG Identification Systems is an international market leader in the field of biometric identification systems. As a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has shaped the world of security for over 20 years – revolutionizing the biometric security products for law enforcement, civil governmental agencies like national registration, voter and driver registrations, health agencies, security agencies and for access and data security, authorization and authentication services as well as mobile security over and over again. Governmental organizations as well as public and private businesses all over the world have trusted DERMALOG’s expertise.

DERMALOG products are the ultimate in identification and verification of the unique individual. The personal unmistakable identity will be ensured and protected. Biometric systems are changing our lives and creating
a new security standard. Convenience and security will no longer be a contradiction. With DERMALOG’s cutting-edge products and solutions deployed in numerous large-scale projects around the globe, a safer world is no longer a vision – the future has begun

Company / Location

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH is the largest German manufacturer of biometrics and AFIS systems and the pioneer of biometrics in Germany. DERMALOG is a leader in the international market of biometric identification systems. As a forerunner in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has influenced the world of security for over 20 years.

Growth and Stability

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH is the largest German manufacturer of biometrics and AFIS systems and the pioneer of biometrics in Germany. DERMALOG is a leader in the international market of biometric identification systems. As a forerunner in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has influenced the world of security for over 20 years.

Governmental organizations as well as public and private businesses all over the world have trusted DERMALOG’s expertise. Today DERMALOG is the biggest German biometrics and AFIS manufacturer and worldwide among the four leading and most renowned biometric manufacturers with more than 70 largescale mission-critical biometric installations around the globe.

Customized Solutions: Individual and State-of-the-Art

Individual needs require individual solutions. That is exactly what we offer our customers – from the development of individual hardware or software components up to a complex application.

20 Years of Experience in Biometrics

More than 80 biometric experts work at the DERMALOG headquarters in Hamburg in specialized teams led by highly qualified engineers. They constantly work on developing and advancing a wide range of biometric products that set new standards and in many cases are highly customized in order to meet the customers’ requirements.
The DERMALOG staff is characterized by outstanding know-how and high intercultural competence, which allows them to create systems that exactly meet all technical requirements and are adapted to any cultural and environmental condition. Thus, DERMALOG’s focus is not limited by local or country-specific conditions – due to its worldwide activity, DERMALOG is familiar
with all conditions on every continent and we consistently incorporate this additional know-how into our technology.

The strongly comitted and dedicated DERMALOG professional teams of researchers and maintenance engineers in Hamburg and around the world have helped to establish DERMALOG as one of the technology leaders in biometric identification systems worldwide.
DERMALOG forms a project management team specifically for each and every project to ensure the success of its development and installation. All customers´ and business partners´ needs are closely monitored and catered for.

DERMALOG owns many patents for biometric methods.


AFIS – Automated Fingerprint Identification System

The DERMALOG AFIS is the core product of DERMALOG and the result of more than 20 years of experience in the development of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. It is used in large-scale governmental applications as well as in small and medium-sized companies and multinational enterprises all over the globe. The DERMALOG AFIS is recognized for very fast matching in large-scale fingerprint databases. The DERMALOG AFIS offers the world´s fastest AFIS coding and matching of over a hundred million fingerprints
per second on a standard single server while maintaining highest accuracy rates.
The DERMALOG AFIS runs on standard hardware platforms and common operating systems, such as Windows and/ or Unix. It is available in modules for very large installations as well as for small laptop-based systems.

The DERMALOG AFIS fulfills international biometric standards (ANSI/NIST) and is used for law enforcement and civil applications all over the world.

Fingerprint Scanners

DERMALOG´s wide range of fingerprint scanners offers the perfect solution for any situation or need, from the small and cost-effective single fingerprint scanner F1 to the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner with integrated spoof detection/liveness detection – the LF10.


Best-possible image quality along with highest reliability and security: DERMALOG live fingerprint scanners – your finest option for the best price. In combination with the selection of SDKs available, a DERMALOG live fingerprint scanners is the right choice for everyone.

DERMALOG´s fingerprint scanners conform to international standards and with their liveness detection and ability to be used with wet and dry fingers they are the most secure and versatile choice available

DERMALOG´s fingerprint scanners deliver images that are suitable for usage within AFIS applications, which is proved by the certificates received.

Smart Border Control

DERMALOG Smart Border Control contains the latest and most efficient border control technology. Due to the system’s modular design, it can easily be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Interfaces, logistic structure concepts and software modules are available to connect with all authorities involved in border control. In addition, an essential part of this all-in-one solution is DERMALOG’s provision of project management, training, installation and continuing support and service. In this way we succeed in meeting the high requirements and standards of the border control authorities. DERMALOG offers a wide range of hardware modules for the DERMALOG Smart Border Control. It is an open system that can be used with various passport and document readers as well as many other components such as automatic gates.

The DERMALOG Smart Border Control is designed to read, identify and verify the following documents:
• ICAO standard passports (other formats optional)
• Visas
• Identity cards / RFID chips with biometric data, such as photo (face) and fingerprint
• 2D PDF417 barcodes, containing biometric or other data
• Arrival / departure cards and tickets
• Biometric information of the traveller

Biometric Documents

DERMALOG offers a complete range of high-security documents with integrated biometrics, such as passports, ID cards, personal identity cards, driver’s licenses, health insurance cards and other identification documents or certificates. The fingerprint saved on the DERMALOG Biometric Documents and/or in the form of a 2D barcode in connection with “private public key data” architecture creates the most modern and forgery-proof solution for document production and verification systems. Due to this well engineered and indispensable technology, we can look back on successful implementations of our DERMALOG Biometric Documents worldwide, which were delivered according to special customer requirements. In addition, DERMALOG can provide state-of-the-art hardware: Document readers, chip and RFID card readers, 2D barcode readers as well as fingerprint live scanners adapted to special application requirements

Mobile Identification and more

DERMALOG offers a distinct range of mobile identification and registration solutions. They can be customized according to the customers’ needs. With the DERMALOG Mobile Solutions, registration and identification of applicants for ID cards, voters etc. can be acquired even in the remotest areas.  One of DERMALOG´s Mobile Solution cases consists of a whole registration station complete with laptop, live fingerprint scanner, camera, signature pad, flatbed scanner and powerpack. Even on airplanes, a light and compact case with touchpad, live fingerprint scanner and document scanner can reduce the time at the border control for travellers after landing.
So whatever your requirement, we offer the perfect solution.

The Whole World of Biometric Systems

All DERMALOG products have proven to be the best in security, accuracy and speed. DERMALOG provides complete products as well as development kits for system integrators. Combined biometric products and extension modules are available as well. The long and wide experience, the range of products and last but not least the fact that DERMALOG is the original manufacturer always guarantees the best priceperformance ratio.


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