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Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Applications

Ten Years Back Biometric Fingerprint Scanner got popularised as PC Accessories for locking the PC Using your Fingerprint and was getting used as password to unlock your PC. USB Desktop Fingerprint Scanner was a small device and plug and play like your mouse. Initially the cost was high but as different companies entered with different Desktop Fingerprint Scanners, prices got competitive and its became a generic product, even shops selling PC and accessories started selling it off the shelf.

As it was easy to use and getting popularised, some companies came forward and developed an desktop based Time Attendance Application to be used with USB Desktop Fingerprint Scanner. It started getting sold as bundle with the Time Attendance Software as PC Based Fingerprint Time Attendance System. It became very popular with Small and Mid Sized Companies where number of employees were less and can be managed with a PC Based System. Almost all companies have one PC at their reception and connecting one Fingerprint Scanner to it and installing the Time Attendance Software almost removed the attendance register from these companies and helped monitoring their employees electronically.

This was the start of Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Application. Different companies came into this field and understood the requirement of a Standalone Fingerprint Attendance System for bigger organisation where managing employees using a PC was not possible. First PC Based Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System got introduced where one compact PC was getting bundled with the same Desktop Fingerprint Scanner, but as it was bulky and not very stable, came the era of embedded system. Compact Biometric Fingerprint Devices with Keypad and LCD Screen on it changed the Biometric Fingerprint Market. This device was capable of storing the fingerprint database in it and processing it for verification. The registration can be done at the device itself and can be connected to PC first via RS232 and than TCP/IP got introduced. Real Time Data Downloading and getting Data from multiple devices at central server was main attraction with the TCP/IP based device.

When the basic issue of time attendance got solved, people started working on higher security application of Access Control. It was a good idea to have the same device for Attendance and Access as well. A Biometric Fingerprint Standalone Device installed at the gate can be used for opening the gate and registering the attendance of the employee as well. Just a relay got introduced with the same devices which was getting connected to the lock and relay was getting fired after the positive verification of fingerprint. An option for connecting exit reader (either fingerprint or card) was next which got introduced.

Although the Desktop and Standalone Biometric Fingerprint Devices got famous for their Time Attendance and Access Control Application and the device also got enhanced specially keeping these two applications in mind, these days use of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Applications are not just limited to Time Attendance and Access Control, but many different Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Applications are getting introduced based on it.

When employees started getting access using Biometric Fingerprint Device, why not Visitors. This thought gave way to Biometric Fingerprint Based Visitor Management System and Visitor’s Register also got replaced by Fingerprint Devices in many corporates. There was a drastic change in the way visitors were getting managed, introduction of Biometric Fingerprint Based Visitor Management Application helped companies in registering all the visitors electronically using their fingerprint and retrieving data in seconds. Generating Visitor Pass for regular Visitor was no more a pain and can be done in a minute.

Later Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Devices got introduced with Canteen Management System, Library Management System, Club Management System and many more applications. Biometric Fingerprint Based Canteen Management System was suitable for corporates as well as universities where unauthorised use of canteen facility got checked and the canteen also got a better application to manage their customers. library and Club Management System are very similar where members are getting registered for particular time period and facility is getting used accordingly. All these details / data got updated against the users fingerprint and the application work accordingly.

Use of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Applications are limited just to our imaginations as everyday new applications are getting introduced making Biometric Fingerprint Scanner as its base.


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    Proper biometric use is very application dependent. Certain biometrics will be better than others based on the required levels of convenience and security.

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