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AnvizHiresLogoAnviz is a global leader in the field of intelligent security including Biometric, RFID and Surveillance. Quality, Innovation, Efficiency and Reliability are the core advantages of providing Anviz Brand products to your customers. Cutting edge R&D, ISO certified manufacturing and global brand recognition provide our partners with the fast track to success! Anviz was founded in 2001 and through years of dedication to our partners and by manufacturing high quality products, we have grown into a World Class Enterprise providing technology solutions for a wide scope of diversified industries.

Anviz Strengths
To operate Anviz biometric, surveillance and RFID products through the Anviz AIM software, an intelligent management security platform to enhance your company’s safety, security and efficiency. Dedicated to helping distributors and integrators enhance the profitability of their offerings, Anviz also delivers a wide range of partner services in all areas of support, tailored to the needs of industry professionals worldwide.
Anviz R&D investment and continual improvement of BioNANO, the Anviz core algorithm insures the company stays at the precipice of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Core Technology
Anviz biometric technologies are widely used in our fingerprint identification, face recognition and iris identification products. As one of our key technological achievements, the biometric identification algorithm BioNANO, was developed in house by our engineers and is now the algorithm used in all Anviz biometric products.

  • Fingerprint
    Suitable for both wet and dry fingers
    Automatically heals the broken lines
    in fingerprint images
    Extraction of features in worn fingerprints
    Fingerprints template auto update
  • Facial
    Fast speed and easy to use
    Suitable for different lux application
  • Iris
    No way to fake, highest security
    Most accurate, convenient, and reliable
    Touchless verification, most sanitary

Anviz Products
Anviz offers a complete range of Standalone and Desktop Fingerprint Devices. Anviz T5 Series is very popular among the customers and T5Pro is one of the best selling Standalone Access Control Device. T50 and VF30 are also popular Fingerprint Access Control Devices being offered by Anviz. For Fingerprint Time Attendance, A300 and EP300 are few best devices available. Anviz offers low cost affordable desktop Fingerprint Time Attendance System as well. D100 and D200 are Low Cost Desktop Fingerprint Time Attendance System. Fingerprint Door Locks, Fingerprint Modules and SDKs are also being offered by Anviz.

Anviz Intelligent Management
AIM is a professional management platform for intelligent security. It maximizes efficiency for end users. It allows for powerful backend data processing and analysis and integrated hardware management. Combined with Anviz hardwares, AIM provides you turnkey solutions by integrating time attendance, access control, and video surveillance management into one easy to use software.

AIM CrossChex – Access Control and Time Attendance Management System
AIM CrossChex is an intelligent management system of access control and time attendance devices, which is applicable to all Anviz access controls and time attendances. The user-friendly and interactive design makes this system very easy to operate, the powerful function makes this system realize the management of department, staff, shift, payroll, access authority, and exports different time attendance and access control reports, satisfying different time attendance and access control requirements in different complicated environments.

● Access Control Management
● Employee Time Attendance Management
● Support MS Access and MS SQL Server database
● Data export to Excel and Text file for other system such as ERP, payroll etc
● All-in-one management platform for all Anviz devices


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