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Biometric Fingerprint Access Control can be categorised in to two different categories – Physical Access Control and Logical Access Control.

Biometric Fingerprint Physical Access Control is where Access to a building, room is getting restricted using Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System and only authorised person registered with their fingerprint can have access to particular building gate or room. Biometric Fingerprint Physical Access Control is getting very important with corporates to check unauthorised access. Card Based System has its own flaws where a card can be transferred or stolen and a security breach can be done. Corporates and even government organisations are not ready compromise with their security and want a fool proof system for checking unauthorised access. Biometric Fingerprint Access Control is a solution for the same. A Standalone Fingerprint Device gets installed at the gate and connected to the lock. It can open the lock by positive verification of fingerprint of registered person. It can not be misused as fingerprint can not be transferred or stolen and there will not be a compromise with the security.

Multiple gates can be controlled at the same time as centralised solutions are available now. Either standalone TCP/IP Based Fingerprint Access Control can be installed at each individual gate or a controller based solution will also work fine. With the first situation a Standalone TCP/IP Based Fingerprint Reader with its own storage capacity is getting installed at the gate and connected to the lock. Users can be registered directly at the particular device or centrally as well. Through TCP/IP all devices can communicate to a central database and can be controlled centrally. With the second scenario, a 4 reader or 8 reader controller can control the biometric readers installed at different gate. Even Locks and Exit buttons are getting connected to the controller itself. It a secure and cheap solution if number of gates are higher. As controller is kept inside safely, no one can damage the device and enter the gate as ultimately lock is also getting controlled by the controller itself. Whereas with the first scenario, its not getting considered as secure solution.

Biometric Fingerprint Logical Access Control is being used in terms of providing access to a PC or a Software/Program. These days corporate data are very important and companies can not compromise with it either. For ensuring that only authorised person should have access to a PC or to a software / program, its getting locked using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner attached to the PC and it will work only after the fingerprint verification of the authorised users. External USB Desktop Fingerprint Scanners are getting used for the same with a suitable application running on the PC to register and verify.

These days integrated solutions are also available where biometric fingerprint physical access controller is getting integrated with biometric fingerprint logical access control. There is a central database and all the devices, either for physical access control or logical access control, communicate with the same database and central monitoring can be done with a single database. For better security dual authentication is getting done. If you are getting access at the gate than only you can have access to your pc.

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