In the last 5-6 years, Biometric Technology and Biometric Fingerprint Scanners has created lots of buzz and interest in the security field and established itself as one of the ultimate identification technology. Biometric Authentication using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is getting introduced to different applications and getting accepted worldwide. With Corporate, apart from securing access (physical and logical access as well), it’s getting introduced to Employee Attendance, Visitor Management and Canteen Management. Biometric Technology using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner has been introduced to schools and colleges as well for Student Attendance and Library Management. Different Clubs are using it for Club Management System as well.

Government Sector has also shown their keen interest with Biometric Technology and it has already been introduced with different Government Programs. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is playing a big role with National ID Project across the globe, different state government has introduced Biometric Technology for issuing Driving License where fingerprint is getting stored on the Smart Card Based Driving License, Public Distribution System is getting equipped with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for registering the beneficiary with their fingerprints, Land Records are getting associated with the fingerprint of the Land Owner and many more. Apart from these, Biometric Technology is getting introduced to programs like NREGA and RSBY to deliver the benefits directly to the people below poverty line registered under these programs.

Biometric is getting interesting every day and getting explored a lot not only in security industry but outside that as well. Being a part of Biometric Industry for more than 10 years and still working for Security Industry, I have worked for most of the projects and applications listed above and will be interested in sharing the same. The purpose of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is to provide details about Biometric Technology, The project and applications where it’s getting used, recent trend available in the market and discuss the future of the same. The purpose it to make FingerprintsScanner.Com an open forum to discuss anything related to Biometrics and Biometric Fingerprint Scanners.

Your views are very important to us and very important to make Biometric Fingerprint Scanner a success; we welcome your valuable thoughts and to be a part of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.

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  1. Ramdas V Dalawai says:


    We want to buy a tablet with biometric scanner reader and smartcard reader integrated.


    1. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner says:

      Dear Mr Ramdas, I am not sure for what application you are looking for, but till date I have not came across to any Tablet with both Biometric and Smart Card Integrated. Yes there are many Tablets with inbuilt fingerprints scanner are available like Morphotablet, you need to check with these companies only if they can offer with Smart Card integrated as well.

    2. Hujun says:

      Hi Ramdas,

      We do have this solution available. I am wonder if you can contact via skype “hozzain”


  2. Our intrest in brain mapping.

  3. Tiana says:

    Can I please have a price for the time attendance finger scanner and can you please tell me how it works. Thank YOu

  4. Anbumani says:

    We do hv the prototype of Biometric tablet (STQC) with Card reader

  5. Roopa S says:

    Is there anyone who can supply finger print reader / scanner which can work with android device

    Mobile: 9746511166

  6. Javed says:

    We are looking for Biometric handheld Device to Capture Finger and Image of Person without any kind of pc or Laptop.
    which will be windows or Android based.

    Do the needful


    Javed Sheikh

    1. Please look at Credence ID and our Android handheld biometric products.


  7. Arati Wahul says:

    we are looking hamster pro 20 pls contact me 9890703448 & 65271919

  8. amarjeet says:

    our Biometric handheld Device to Capture Finger and Image of Person without any kind of pc or Laptop.
    which is Android based. this system is not working for last 15 days.

  9. michael agustin says:

    we are her in the philippines, may i ask your location please..

    thank you, mike

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